only two weeks

Hey there 
Now they are only two weeks, bevor I will sit in the plain. I’m a little bit nervous, but its ok. This weekend I had my “Goodbye” weekend with my father in Berlin. We buy some clothes for Africa and visit Berlin. It was very nice 😀
Today we make an application at the post, to get a visa cart. It was a little bit complicated, because actually I want do it with my dad in berlin, but I’ve forgot my passport. So we have to wait. Today I Make it with my mum and we finished very early, so it will be sent on the mainland this day. I hope that will be punctually back…

Final exercises

hey there,

now I will Drive to africa in only three weeks. The most dutys Arne done. I have the visa, the family, the flyticket and the school. My parents and I still finished the last things. I need a new suitcase, some new clothes, like trousers and hoodies and an Adapter. The next weeks I will buy this thinks. The next Bing Station before I will go, will be my Good by Party ;P So many Friends will come and I’m so happy to could see them all before I’m go.


preparation seminar

Hey there,
now I have a lot of things to tell you. This weekend was the preparation seminar for the high school year. It was in Hannover. First I was in Leipzig and so I have to get at 4 o Clock. The Day bevor I sleep at 01:00 o Clock. I was so tired! Sometimes I sleep during I sit in the seminar. My head falls down and I awake. It was a little bit awkward. But all in all was the Seminar very good. Now I know more about south African culture and this is comforting.
Another very Important day was Monday, because I was with my dad in the south African embassy. There we had to talk English and it was funny because my dad and I are very bad in English. Actually I can speak a little bit better English but under pressure, it doesn’t work. But now is the visa applying. They will send it back to me…
Yes, this time a little bit more happened ^^

email to host Family

Hey :)
Last Week I wrote an Email to my host mother. I ask her for a skype meeting, to know each other a little bit more. Until now she doesn’t answer.
Ah Yes and the job was last week. I was so scared but it was good. The first day wasn’t so much to do. It was very relaxed. I have only another day to work to get the half of my pocket money.
And now I have nearly all the documents I need to get my visa. When the last documents arrived at my Dad, He will call me and instantly we will drive to Berlin and then I get my visa.

of Course Problems

Hey there,
It doesn’t happen so much, last week. I get some vaccination for south Africa. My plan was to talk with the boss from an organisation to get a scholarship. But He wasn’t there. My Problem is that I haven’t another chance to meet him. Now I have to call him and I think its more difficult to talk about this via the mobile phone.
We have a second big Problem. The Documents for my Visa are still in Aurich!! The time is run away and my dad need them. He must sign it, too. I’ scared that I can’t get my visa.
Next Weekend I will work on a big Party for my pocketmoney. I don’t like it because I’m scared about it. The last time when I work there it wasn’t so good. The people wasn’t kind and very drunk. I haven’t a problem with drunk people but if they are arrogant or nasty and impatient, I hate this Job.
I hope this party will be better:)

Work work work:)

Hey there,

yes I’ve fergot again to Write, Last week. So I will Write today more;)

last monday i was at the Radiologist. They radiograph ne and found nothing:D I must do it for the Visa. They want to know that I haven’t any ilnes, which I will bring too South africa. That was the Last Thing Which i Need for my Visa. Now i only have to wait on the documents from the distrct court in Aurich.

Another important Point is that i finally get my insurance.😊

My next tasks will be, to go to some organisations at home and ask for some scolarships😅 I know that the Time is runing out for me.

And now starts the Time to work. After Ascention I will work every Weekend. And it will ne very Hard for me, because we work very often 10 Hours a day. Last Weekend I work from 8 pm to 5:30 pm 🙈 It was so sad to arived at home at  see that the sky is bright and the birds are loud…


a „free“ day xD

Today I work so much for my High School Year. Actually I haven’t school today ^^. Every other girl sleep and chill the hole day, and I? I stood up at 8 am. First I made a passport picture. (I’m so beautiful :P) Than I drove at school and scan my Passport, the Passport from my Mother and my Father. And I fax the documents for the Radiology. When I arrived at home, first I call my Insurance to ask which medical covers I will need. Then I call “KulturLife” and ask some Questions from my Mother. After that I finished some templates which my Parents have to fill out. Bevor I must drive to the ship, My mother and I went to the bank at want to open my account for the abroad.
Yes it was very stressful 😀
And my biggest Problem is that I never get a hole answer :O The Bank is not sure which possibility is the best, My insurance don’t know which vaccination I need there and and and.

a lot of news

Hey there,
Yesterday I get a very big letter from KulturLife. Now I have the information about school and visa. It is so complicated! For the visa I have to fill out a lot of documents, of course in english :O But this would be too easy. We must bring the Visa documents to the South African embassy and the South African embassy is in Berlin. They want, that we bring the documents personally too the embassy.
I think I must get some free days from school to finish all that.
My school will be in the near of the Table Mountain. It’s the Rhodes High School. I checked out the website. (The school uniform is so ugly. :O) They have a lot of sports, for example Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Softball aaaaand Chess. (Wow chess the best Kind of Sport ever)


NO insurance:(

Hey everybody,
Last Week I tried to fill out the documents for the insurance. It wasn’t very easy. The website is very complicated. And I can’t finish it because they want to know to which school I will go. But I don’t know it. In two or three weeks I will get an email which information about school and family. So I can’t finish the documents.
So I haven’t enough information for this blog :( 
For the next Week I will have more information. (I hope so.)
Bye :)